Living Active AF

Happy Friday!

I wasn’t sure where to begin this week, I feel like I have so much going on between past, present, and future travel plans, exercising, my never-ending to-do list, taking on new endeavors/hobbies, making sure the dog has been walked, fed, and watered, washing my hair (sometimes this one gets pushed to the back burner), basically just being a functioning adult. How do parents do it? I can barely take care of myself. Like I just told my brother, it’s honestly pretty incredible I’ve made it this far.

ANYWAY, the point of that was I wasn’t sure what to blog about this week. I have so many projects, and potential projects coming up that I feel like it’s been tough to keep my mind on one thing. So, I focused on one thing that has been super important to me and I’ve made sure I’ve made time for lately: exercising.

I’ve recently announced it’s time for me to take a break from the marathon distance races. My heart hasn’t been into it this season. I have been dreading all scheduled runs, I found myself being super negative when I had even a three-mile easy run. So, I finally decided that I’m not going to run the scheduled marathon this year. This surprisingly took a lot of weight off my shoulders and opened me up to trying new things, and getting back to old things that I enjoyed pre-running-a-million-miles-a-month days.

Anyone who knows me knows that I need to sweat and exercise to feel like a functioning human. And, like the crazy person I truly am, I actually really love exercising and spending hours at the gym each week. So what’s been up lately you ask?

Photo Credit: Nike Chicago, Nike Los Angeles, David Oh, 3run2

Well, last weekend I ran my final 2016 race, the INT Des Moines half marathon, and loved it. I’ve recently (and by recently I mean just last weekend) found out that I actually love Des Moines – it’s a really cool city. Though I only spent 36 hours there, I found out they have a great downtown area – pretty hipster (and $2.50 beers, um what?!), gorgeous buildings, and it feels like home (Omaha). Anyway, I digress (see, I can’t keep on topic at all lately). I promised Erick’s dad I would run this race with him, and I was so happy to help him cross the finish line of his first half marathon.

When you see someone run their first half marathon it brings you back to that moment in your own life. Running literally never gets easier. There are days when 1 mile sucks and days when you surprise yourself and go out for a spontaneous 10 mile run (er, maybe this is just my group of friends). Races test you. Once you’ve ran a great number of them, you forget that at one point you didn’t know the things you know now and you forget the struggle of wondering if you can even finish.

I also signed up for more classes at the gym to switch things up. A recent fave is the 15 minute ab class, because I’m determined to have some sort of abdominal lines by the time we go to New York in a couple weeks. These classes are seriously killer, and I love them!

For the past two weeks I’ve been incorporating a jump roping class, Trippin’, to my weekly schedule. When is the last time you’ve jump roped? Better question, when is the last time you’ve jump roped for 30 minutes. Yeah, it’s not easy, especially as an almost 30-year-old. This also motivated me to want to jump rope at home, it’s actually pretty fun - and great for your legs!

Just last night I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for another class I’ve been eyeing for a while now. I’ve always heard barre class is fun, and good for those “problem areas”. I’m really hoping this isn’t a SoulCycle-esque class (cult). But, from what I’ve read I’m certain I will have the 10-year-old boy body I want in no time (lol). But seriously, from what I hear it’s a great low-impact workout, and may be reminiscent of my ballet days. I’ll be sure to report back.

And lastly, I’ve been doing good-ol’ weights and body weight exercises. At the gym I have my routine of what body group I work each day, or set of favorite weight exercises. But at home, I have a pretty random set up of hand weights, a kettlebell, and a hula-hoop (if you don’t own one, and want abs, look into it, NOW). Though a random mix, I enjoy utilizing these little things quickly in the morning, or before bed just to get one little workout in where I can.

Oftentimes people don’t know where to start when they sign up for a gym membership, or when they go to classes. I’ve heard so many people say they don’t want to go to the gym, or join 3run2 for a run, or do this or that until they are “in better shape”. That saying makes me cringe. There is no better time, and I think there is a common misconception that you have to be good at said thing to do the class, or join the group for a run, etc. Anyone can access about a billion and five programs, tips, videos, tutorials, etc. all over the internet, there’s really no excuse not to. Everyone starts somewhere and you won’t regret starting now, but you may regret that you didn’t start now three months from now.

Enough about me, what are your favorite exercise routines?