New Year, New AF

Christmas is over and I feel a sense of a relief – no more Instagram pictures with nicely placed presents or flawless Christmas trees in well-lit living rooms.

I’ve spent the last five days in Omaha, and I can’t help but feel both, a little relaxed and a little drained. I always try to cram 1,479 tasks into my trips back home. So far this trip I have ice skated, ate at Blue (twice), colored my hair, shopped at Village Point, shopped at the outlet mall, shopped at all my favorite thrift stores, had a mini photo shoot with my niece, and spent [too many] hours with my family. Omaha has a huge place in my heart and it’s always nice to come back home in the slow-paced city for a few days.

So, now that Christmas is over and the holiday décor is put away, now what? I guess it is that time of year to whip out the Lorna Jane Planner (which is on sale for only $20 right now) and start goal planning as we prepare for the new year.

For me, 2016 was full of meditation, self-love and care, and doing things for myself.  In 2016 I became stronger, more independent, a vegan, a blogger, a girlfriend, and a regular at the barre - just to name a few.

I’ve no idea what 2017 will bring but as I set aside time today to formulate my goals I hope to learn a new hobby (or 12), better myself physically and spiritually, meditate more (thanks to Erick’s sister who got me a meditation pillow that I can’t wait to use), drink more tea, and focus on my blog. (Smaller goals include: watching more “classic movies” so people stop making fun of me, learning how to ride a bike – also so people stop making fun of me, becoming a minimalist, and launching Hudson’s career so he can earn his keep, or at least a hair cut here and there.)

I am really excited about my first goal of enrolling in some sort of class each month of the year to learn a new skill set. I have already signed up for a sewing class through Joann’s Fabric (which is offering 40% off classes if purchased by 1/1/17), a calligraphy course and a Squarespace course both through Dabble, and I’ve signed up for five free webinars through Brit + Co. I have also found some great professional courses through Coursera.

What are your resolutions, or goals of 2017? Have you taken a fun course that you would recommend?