Working Hard AF

Hi, hello, happy New Year. I’m totally behind on blogging so far this year. If the first two weeks of 2017 is any indication of how 2017 will go, I’m in for a busy, wild ride.

How are your new year resolutions holding up? The first week back to work post-holiday break was rough for me. And it made to extra hard to see all the lifestyle bloggers and Instagramers who have “made it” in that role - who don’t have to work a desk job, preaching on how to keep with your resolutions. First off, I’m all for the inspiration. I am 100% certain they mean well and want to help their followers reach their goals and their full potential. But it’s hard being on the other side. It’s hard when you have to work eight hours a day and you can’t simply go to the coffee shop at 2PM to journal, or hit up your favorite 10AM barre class like you did over winter break.

I wish I could spend my days working from home (because let’s be real, I am way more productive at home than I am anywhere else). Truth be told, I’m a happier human when I don’t have to be up at 6AM (and even happier when I get a work out in before the workday).

So, how do you make your resolutions more attainable when you are obligated to be at a desk all day? I will be the first to admit, I don’t always get it right. There are days I completely fail. However, most days, I strive to do things that are important to me and my health, and I’m able to do so by following a plan and not making excuses.

Prioritize. If you want to make it happen you have to make it a priority. Things will come up – that’s inevitable. Hanging out with a co-worker after work will always sound more fun (for people who are like, social) than going for a run. But if it’s important to you, you will find a way.

Plan Ahead. I may be a little OCD when it comes to planning and to-do lists (more to come on this later), but that helps keep me accountable. By planning ahead and marking your resolutions on your calendar, or scheduling time for them in your phone, you will be reminded of what you need to do for the day. Each day, I write a work to-do list and a personal to-do list. I. write. every. thing. down. Meditation, journaling, working out, sometimes even walking the dog – anything that I know I must do, I account for in my day. And come on, how great is that feeling when you cross off things on your to-do list?!

Plan for the unexpected. So you’ve prioritized and planned to go for a run after work, but now you have to unexpectedtly work late. Are you still able to get your run in? If not, what are you going to do to make up for that? Is it important enough to you to run a little later, even if it’s in the dark? Can you make it to the gym? Will you wake up earlier the next day and do it in the morning? Life happens, and it’s important you’re not too hard on yourself, but you need to hold yourself accountable too – I know if I give myself leeway to skip a workout, or eat something bad for me, I am a million times more likely to repeat that and think it’s okay.

Make it fun. Whatever your resolution is, be sure to have fun with it. Your resolution shouldn’t feel like a chore. That is when we tend to lose sight of our goal and forget why we chose said resolution. For example, I want to meditate more, spend more time journaling, and incorporate more yoga into my life. When I did a yoga retreat on New Year’s Day, they were promoting a class that focused on meditation, yoga, and journaling – um, hi, sign me up! Find a friend to run with. De-clutter your house and have a clothing swap with friends. Take a cooking class with your significant other. There are hundreds of ways to make anything fun. Find what works for you!

I have a full-time job and my typical day looks something like this:

6AM – [First] alarm goes off

6:15AM – Walk Hudson for 15-20 minutes

6:35-7:15– Cry, whine, force myself to get ready (jk). Get dressed, do makeup, pack lunches, find a TV show for Hudson to watch during the day.

7:20AM – Leave for work

7:30–  Read, journal, or work on my blog during my commute

8:00AM – 12PM – Work

12PM – 1PM – Barre class or gym

1PM – 4PM – Work

4:45PM – Walk or run with Hudson

5:45 PM – Run errands, start dinner

6:45 PM – Eat dinner

7PM – 9PM – Miscellaneous tasks around the house (usually for me this consists of working on my blog, editing photos, cleaning the house, etc.)

9PM – Shower, face mask, pull oil, dry brush, etc.

10PM – Pick up the apartment, make sure dishes are all washed/put away

10:15PM – Meditate and journal (if haven’t already done)

10:45PM – Turn on diffuser and go to sleep.

I must admit, I squeeze every last second out of the day and that’s not totally normal for everyone – but it’s my normal. I’m not one who enjoys laying around and watching TV – unless I’m doing something on my computer at the same time. I also must admit, not every day looks like this, sometimes it’s filled with me running from the gym, to get groceries, to get take-out, to Target, to Home Depot, to a million-and-four other places that I think I need to go.

It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others when you see people living the life you want - especially when you’re stuck in your office cubicle. It’s easy to forget that social media showcases the best parts of people’s lives, or is often not the complete reality. Even those who are sitting on a beach, or journaling at the coffee shop at 2PM are still working – although it looks nice, I would bet that isn’t how calm and perfect their lives really are.