Bye Bye Buy-Sell-Trade

In the midst of my never-ending to-do list I've decided I'm just not busy enough. So let's add in moving. Who doesn't love moving and all the joyous things that go into packing up your entire life?

Okay, so we're only moving about four blocks away from our current Chicago apartment. But it's bigger, prettier, and way more updated. I'm not going to lie, now that the initial scariness has worn off, I'm pretty darn excited!

I've already decorated the entire apartment in my head hours after signing the lease. I've also started ridding our apartment of things we no longer need, use, or have touched in years. (Side note - have you guys seen the Netflix documentary about minimalism?! If not, you need to)!

Thus begins my rant for how much I loathe buy-sell-trade sites. 

While this hate once began as a love back in Nebraska where the buy-sell-trade sites were full of stay at home moms selling their designer items for pennies. This also resulted in me selling items to young teens who still loved Forever 21. I still use those sites whenever I'm home - I even bought a pair of Kate Spade mittens during this past holiday from a woman who left them on he porch for me to pick up - talk about customer service! I didn't have to make awkward small talk, total win - I would have paid extra for that service!

Chicago buy-sell-trade is another level. I'm continually amazed by the offers I receive on things. I understand the art of haggling and the luxury of being able to negotiate on these pages, but $25 for a TV listed for $150 (that I bought for probably $700)? No. I'll trade you baby formula for that dresser? No, I don't have kids. I'll trade a PlayStation for your TV. Again, no. Can I pick it up at 11PM when I get off work tonight? No. Can you deliver it to me in Joliet? No. Can you hold the grill for me for a month? And those are just some of the gems I've been lucky to speak with lately.

In the midst of this madness I was also kicked out (well, TBH, I left the group voluntarily) of the Oak Park site, because someone was late to the game and I had sold the item she wanted already and she complained to the admin about me (don't get me started on Facebook group administrators - talk about people on a power trip).

What is wrong with people? I miss the stay at home moms who is want to buy an old dresser to refurbish it as a hobby in their garage. Or the teenager who's pumped to get a pair of True Religions for $15. 

Anyway, if you're in Chicago and need anything for your home let me know, I probably have it!