Planned Out AF

People keep asking how wedding planning is going. I'm never sure how to answer that question. Is it a rhetorical question? Are they just being nice? Do they really want to know the truth and that I'm probably stressed out and waiting on at least five people to get back to me at any given time? Girls always say they’ve dreamt about their weddings from a young age and they love envisioning this magical day. Who are those girls? Wedding planning is really, really hard. And that’s saying it mildly.

In hindsight, maybe a wedding planner is the way to do it. But I’m not one to delegate my vision to others when it’s something so near and dear to me. This whole wedding thing has to look like it’s from Pinterest, or why have it? That’s some insight into my crazy, overwhelmed mind.

Oh, you mean I have to go on a scavenger hunt to collect 374 plates to go with my vision? Done. I have to go find the perfect gold candleholders and candles that fit said candleholders without spending a million dollars. I’ll do it. I dislike delegating tasks for my wedding because I’m afraid it won’t turn out like the picture in my head, or on my Pinterest board. Is this what wedding planning is really like? Is this a new millennial trend? Are others as neurotic as me?

In the midst of trying to figure out where to go for my bachelorette party, a friend asked me what I want to do if I could choose anything. And what flooded my mind were images from Instagram of how I envision the day or weekend looking. I saw hiking with beautiful landscapes in the background, a pool full of cute floaties, and a day of yoga and meditation in a zen, earthy space (like Bali). Is this a little farfetched? Maybe.

Don’t even get me started on the dress. I’m the girl who chose and bought three prom dresses each year because I always found one I liked better. I’ve tried holding out on making the dress purchase, worried that something better may come along. And in the process, I now have three wedding dresses hanging in my closet, as well as one very vintage garage sale dress that I found and secretly love (though it’s extremely unrealistic and looks like it came straight out of 1920). Oh, and I already sold one dress I bought from a sample sale.

I’ve made countless calls, sent thousands of emails, and searched a ridiculous amount of websites and though a lot of decisions are made, there is a lot left (says my checklist on 

Though I grew up and spent a large portion of my life well versed in the bridal industry, I never thought it would be this hard. Maybe I put the difficulty on myself by planning a wedding (sans coordinator) from afar. But here we are. And though it’s been quite a production I’m more than happy with the vendors I have chosen and been happy to work with so far.

Huge shout out to Rollins Mansion, Mae Small, KC FLO Band, Melody Foster, and Stacia Weiss for going above and beyond and providing the best experiences this crazy bride[zilla] could ask for. Erick and I are beyond excited to work with all of you as I truly think you’re the best out there.

On that note, check out some of my engagement pictures, because I can’t stop swooning over them.


Photos by Mae Small. More to come soon.

Oh, and if you have recommendations or tips on things like hotels, rehearsal dinners, little kid suits, or anything you’ve learned along the way feel free to leave a comment and let me know!