Vegan AF in Boston

Recently my full-time job took me to Boston for a work event and I’m so happy I was given that opportunity. I’m not a huge fan of the east coast, and if work wouldn’t have taken me there, I’m not sure I would have ever made the trip.


Despite my health-nutty ways, all the stress of being so busy lately had caught up to me and I was knocked on my butt with a sinus infection my entire trip. Though it put a little damper on my trip, it also forced me to take it easy (which is very unlikes me when traveling). Please note, by taking it easy, I think that means eating. Eating a lot.

People often ask how I find such great vegan restaurants everywhere I travel, and while it’s not always easy, it’s fun to discover hidden gems in new cities. One of my go-to ways to navigate the city is through Pinterest and other blogger’s recommendations, because who knows better than bloggers?! I wasn’t able to find many results while searching for vegan options in the Boston area, so that inspired me to come up with my own list.

Boston continually surprised me by the gorgeous buildings, brick roads, history, and their great food. I’m sure my list doesn’t come close to hitting many of the options Boston has to offer, but it includes the gems I found in my trip to Boston.

My first night in Boston I ventured out to Chinatown to try Cuong’s Vegan Sandwich’s (5 Beach St.)

This place was a definite “hole-in-the-wall”, but I highly recommend it! I had the BBQ sandwich (BBQ seitan with veggies) and it was so yummy! I’m a sucker for BBQ, and this did not disappoint. I also ordered spring rolls - they were an OK appetizer but TBH, I was very put off by these because the woman working tried to make these by first microwaving water and I wouldn’t allow for that. After she had her co-worker make them upstairs (at their sister vegan restaurant) I was very skeptical of them.

I also splurged and got the lemon poppy cake. SO good! I definitely recommend getting a dessert as they have many options.

Next to my hotel in the Boston Commons was Sweetgreen (multiple locations), which I ate at twice. I know this is technically a chain, but I’ve never been there before. They are similar to a Chipotle style “fast food” with bowls and salads. They have a huge variety of veggies (and meats) to mix up whatever you’re in the mood for. I also love how they are all about the seasonal goodies and their menu reflects that. During both visits I had the portabella jalapeño bowl.

Next door to Sweetgreen is a lovely bakery called Sweets (11 School St.). They have great desserts including some vegan and gluten-free option cupcakes, cookies, and bars.

Zen Sushi has a great selection of vegan sushi rolls. I chose the avocado roll and the sweet potato roll (my typical go to rolls at most sushi restaurants). The sweet potato roll was huge – and delicious!

Around the corner from both of these gems is Thirst Juice (44 School St.). I am giving them a shout out because they were so kind in whipping something up for me to ease my sinus infection sickness. They made me an awesome green juice with extra cayenne and turmeric. They also gave me a cayenne, ginger, and apple shot to help.

A block from the Boston Marathon finish line is Parish Café (361 Boylston St.). Though not a strictly vegan restaurant (probably far from), they had the best eggplant sandwich. I’m actually craving it as I type this. They used super thin slices of eggplant to make this, and it almost looked like a roast beef sandwich, but cruelty free. Make sure you specify your side, as it automatically comes with (non-vegan) slaw.

Prior to the trip Erick made reservations for us at a Panza (326 Hanover St.), an Italian restaurant on the North End. I wasn’t feeling Italian that night at all, and not really looking forward to going to dinner (not knowing anything about the area or the restaurant). This was without a doubt my favorite area and favorite meal of the trip. I had eggplant parmesan (minus the cheese) and it was INCREDIBLE – I wish I had a better adjective to describe just how good it truly was. It was the best tomato sauce I’ve ever had (and I’m Italian). Also, the entire area was super cute, loaded with lots of Italian restaurants and bakeries.

We did go to Mike’s Pastry’s after dinner which seems super popular. I highly doubt anything there is vegan, and I think it’s probably frowned upon to ask.

Here are a few other vegan restaurants I scoped out during my search, though I did not have time to try them:

Blackbird doughnuts (492 Tremont St.)

Cocobeet (100 City Hall Plaza)

Veggie Galaxy (450 Massachusetts Ave)

Oath Pizza (210 Boylston St. and 700 Atlantic Ave.)

*Edit 2/24/17 - ByChloe opened it's doors recently (107 Seaport Blvd) - this is one of my all time favorite vegan eateries. 

 For what Boston lacks in tacos, they more than make up for in other dishes. I can’t wait to go back and try new restaurants. If I missed any of your favorites, please comment below, I would love to hear what your favorites are!