Addicted AF


Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m insanely addicted to sugar. If you know me personally, you know that I can (and do) eat a whole package of Oreos in one sitting (in case you didn’t know, Oreos are vegan). I need dessert after each meal. And I have zero will power if there is any candy near me.

I tried to carry over last year’s New Year’s resolution of giving up something each month and tried to give up sugar (sweets, desserts) in January and I failed miserably. I believe I lasted three days. In those three days I was irritable, grumpy, tired, and basically hating everyone around me. I tried to hone in on why I am craving things and harness my emotions that went along with those feelings. It didn’t help. I basically learned that I’m addicted to sugar, and wasn’t willing to be as strict as I needed to be.

Since then, I’ve realized I need to get it together and kick the habit. I typically work out 4-5x a week and consider myself a mostly healthy eater. Barre is tightening and lifting my body in ways I’ve never been able to achieve with my normal workout routine, but I can tell there’s some extra stuff there that I’m not okay with.

So here we are. March 29th, smack dab in the middle of Lent. I'm attempting to kick the sugar habit once again no sugar. I’m writing this so if you see me with any “dessert” besides a protein shake or a Larabar, you have full permission to remove it from my hand.

Since my life has been a little crazier lately than I’d like I’m also focusing on planning out my “me time” items, including working out, meditating, meal prep, making a trip back home to Nebraska, and anything else that brings me joy on any given day.

I’ve also decided to whip out the things that I know help my sugar cravings that I’ve thrown by the wayside lately. In my experience, I tend to crave sugar because I’m deficient in something else – protein, vitamins, and/or minerals. I’ve already begun upping my vitamin intake, specifically iron, magnesium, and vitamin B.

Since I’m not a meat-eater, these three are great for giving me some things I “lack” from not eating my animal friends. Magnesium has helped me truly not want sweets, and it helps me sleep better at night – win-win.

Iron gives me more energy, especially when on days like today when I decide I want to go to barre class twice. I’ve noticed this also helps with my complexion – not only making my skin clearer, but brighter and livelier.

I also regularly take Vitamin D, especially in the winter. This simply makes me a happier person, even when it’s -10 degrees outside and I am trenching through the snow. And I take prenatal vitamins to keep my hair healthy and growing (since now that I chopped it, I want my long hair back).

Anyway, moral of the story is A) to take your vitamins, and make sure they are quality vitamins - that’ll be a post for another day, and B) if you see me with an Oreo in my hand, take it away. TIA.


**Cotton candy photo provided by Sweetopia Cotton Candy

R.I.P. office doughnuts

R.I.P. office doughnuts