Merry AF

Look at me, inconsistently blogging two weeks in a row. I’m so excited about the holidays this year. Between having the week and a half holiday break, all the dinners and cookie exchanges, having almost all my gifts bought and wrapped, and doing all that while staying on budget I’m in a good place right now. Side note, I’ve never been one to say, “on budget”, who am I?

Anyway, I know I’m super late to the holiday gift guide, but better late than never. With only 10 days left until Christmas, let me help you with the last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers.

This list will include some of my favorite things, so if you’re a hippie grandma who digs self care (or if you’re shopping for someone who meets that description) these gifts are sure to be a hit:

Tongue Scrapper - Okay, hear me out on this one. I originally heard about this from @LeeFromAmerica and its disgustingly great. I do this in the morning before I brush my teeth and based on the looks of it, I’m a gross person and need to be doing this all the time.

Eyebrow/Face Razor - Don’t get me wrong, I adore dermaplanning at the spa. However, I don’t love the $100+ cost of it getting it done and then needing to get it done a week later. I was skeptical of these at first, but I swear by them. Even my sister, who was very anti-doing anything besides dermaplanning now loves these and I see them in her Amazon basket every couple of months. They get all the excess facial hair off your skin, and no, it doesn’t grow back thicker and darker. It’s great, and it’s cheap. Buy one, or ten and thank me later.

Ceramic Plant Pots - If I’ve learned anything about how to keep a plant alive, it’s that they need sun and a good ceramic pot. These pots are some of my favs. The variety of sizes are great and allows you to mix and match different plants.

Shhhowercap - If you don’t wash your hair every day you need this. I’ve tried my share of shower caps over the years. Erick’s parents even pick me up shower caps when they travel so I’ll have them when we come visit. I wasn’t sure about this with the high price point (for a shower cap), but it’s well worth the money. I’m continuously surprised that this doesn’t get any of my hair wet, not to mention the great quality and the fun prints.

Pajamas (like these, and these, and these) - Any grandma who goes to bed by 10pm loves a good pair of pajamas. These are some of my favs. A few of my friends and I are having a cookie exchange next week, with a pajamas dress code, and I can.not.wait!

2019 Planner - I have an obsession with planners. My Midtown friends still make fun of me for my handwritten to do lists. This one is great because it gives motivational quotes throughout the year, heath and financial tips, and lots of room to jot down monthly and daily notes and goals. Additionally, the binding on this is great and won’t break – the little things in life, amiright?

Herbivore Oils - I have only tried the Lapis and the Emerald, but I swear by both of them. Lapis helps with redness and breakouts and Emerald helps with redness and hydration. Together they are the best combo. Highly recommend!

Anything from Poofy Organics. Whether you’re a mom or just like love natural products, they have everything you need. My personal favorites include Everything Salve, ANTI Stick, and Zit Zapper

Looking for a good book for yourself or friends? Here are some that I enjoy or I’m dying to read over break.

Girl, Wash your Face

Dave Ramsey: Total Money Makeover (I told you I’m pretty obsessed with his plan as of late)

Business Boutique (For the girl boss in your life, or anyone who wants to be a girl boss) 

Wondering what to get your pup for Christmas? No? That’s just me… weird. Well, anyway. here are some Hudson and Rom’s favorite things:

Clive & Bacon Bandanas (shh, these are in their stockings now)

Kong dog toy (I have a medium and a large for Rom and Hudson)

Fromm’s Variety Pack (The best dog treats, so Hudson says)

Nylabones (My favorite toy, says Romney) 

And for the doodle moms, check out this cute Etsy page for doodle ornaments, and this Extra Dog Mom sweater from @TheDailyTay

 What about the men in your life? Yeah, Erick is basically the hardest person to shop for. Every year he gives me ideas then buys them for himself a week before Christmas. I can’t promise the man in your life doesn’t have these things, but they seem to be popular from what I know. 

Chicago Combs – I got Erick this as pair of his wedding gift, he loved it and wish he knew about this company before the wedding, so he could have got it for his groomsmen.

Charging Pack – the best for traveling (and I benefit from this, too).

Anything from Tie Bar. Between, ties, cufflinks, socks, and now shirts and suits, Erick loves everything in there. You can’t go wrong with anything from there. 

Nest Camera – whether you want to protect the house or spy on your dogs (guilty).

Yetti Cooler – This was one of Erick’s fav wedding gifts.

Not sure want to get your parents or in laws?  

If you’re like us and got married in 2018, gift your fam with holiday photos or books from Artifact Uprising or Mpix.

Create a recipe book for your family with your recipes passed down for generations (or that are your favorite).

23 and Me. I’m fairly certain this is something almost everyone wants but no one want to buy for themselves.

Google Home Mini is a great gift for anyone. Whether you want to listen to music, ask Google a question at any moment, or see how long your commute will take, this is the perfect gift for anyone.

I love white elephant gifts, but also hate junk. I know every family is different and some purposely find stuff laying around their house to re-gift for their white elephant exchange, but here are some ideas of what our family has done over the years:

Lottery tickets

Costco size toilet paper or paper towels

Alcohol (we had a Costco size bottle of Vodka that we took to Erick’s work party exchange because we were never going to drink that – it was a hit)

Self-help book that you truly think others can benefit from

Batteries (we won this during last year’s exchange and actually come in very useful throughout the year)
*If you do give a junk gift, try to pair it with a lotto ticket or gift card, it will quickly become a great gift

That’s all I got for now. Enjoy the holiday season, friends!