Wedding Planning 101

Now that Erick and I just celebrated one year of engagement, and are less than four months out from the wedding, I consider myself to be kind of an expert (totally kidding, but kinda). I’d say we experienced a lot and no wonder everyone gives you advice – they want to help and save you from the mistakes they’ve made or almost made!

Below are a few of my wedding planning tips and takeaways. Take them as you wish, some may be relevant, some may not be. Though, I do want to give a big shout out to Christy and Michelle, the lovelies who make up the dynamic duo behind The Big Wedding Planning Podcast. Their podcast has taught me so much about the entire wedding industry and encouraged me to ask my vendors questions that have already saved me a ton of stress. They’ve answered some of my own questions and gave me insight into things I never thought of prior.

Not only are these girls equipped with never-ending knowledge, they’re hilarious. I often wish I was hanging out with them as they are so funny and full of life. They’re also the reason Erick and I splurged and hired our month of coordinator, Taylor Boesen of White Willow Events.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, helping plan a wedding, or simply interested in learning more about the crazy bridal industry – listen to their podcast, you won’t be disappointed.

Find your strength or passion and run with it.

Whether or not you’re one who has envisioned your wedding day since childhood, you need to figure out where your strengths lie because that’ll make wedding planning a lot easier. Are you a foodie? Do you have an eye for detail? Aside from marrying the love of your life, having one thing you and your spouse really enjoy makes the vision a lot easier.

For me, my passion lies in the small details. I have a creative background and I appreciate the unique details that make life interesting and memorable. Without giving away my entire vision five months early, I can say I (and my mom, and my friend’s mom – hey Mrs. Neuman) scoured thrift stores to find decorations that will serve as our centerpieces. I’ve also decided to collect vintage rugs to incorporate on our dance floor and during the ceremony. Since our venue is a gorgeous mansion what little décor we are doing ties into the feeling of being at home, which has been a recent theme with Erick and me.

Hire a wedding planner.

Or be damn sure what you ask, know, and understand what the duties of your venue’s day of coordinator include. It wasn’t until I listened to a handful of episodes from The Big Wedding Planning Podcast that I asked my venue what I can expect of the day of coordinator. I wasn’t pleased to hear that it wasn’t much. My main expectation was for this person was to set up my décor, ensure the flow of events goes smoothly without any awkwardness, and to pick up my décor at the end of the night so I’m not scurrying around in my wedding dress or delegating this tasks to friends or family. None of those items were included in the venue’s job description. After my initial call with Taylor, she blew me away. She knew my venue inside and out and had a list of topics to cover over the next few months. This was something I truly didn’t know I needed.

 Ensure sound is under control.
Another great thing Christy and Michelle taught us was the importance of discussing with your band or DJ what’s needed sound-wise for the entire night. We’ve hired a great band out of Kansas City, KCFLO. Patrick has been so responsive and great to talk, even this far out from wedding day. Just the other day after listening to a sound system horror story on TBWPP, I reached out to him ensuring we are secured with sound for ceremony and reception. After sending him photos of the venue, he quickly knew what he needed to provide to make sure sound wasn’t an issue for the ceremony and all guests will be able to hear my sobs as we share our vows. I’m grateful I realized which questions to ask this far in advance, as there may not have been anything we could have done on the day of the wedding.

Enjoy it.

This is something I need to keep reminding myself. I often get stuck in the weeds and sweat the small stuff (can I use any more clichés?!). It blows my mind to think we’ve almost been engaged one year. Time truly flies and I know I’m going to miss being engaged when it’s over. I’m making it my personal mission over the next few months to enjoy my time with Erick as an engaged couple, laugh with my bridesmaids, savor moments with family, and not worry about the unknown, everything will work out and it’ll be amazing.

I’m confident that not only are we surrounded by such a great support system with our family, friends, pups, and each other, but we’ve hired vendors who I trust and can’t wait to work with and share our wedding day.  

Now to decide on a wedding cake...brb

*If you're engaged, soon to be engaged, or just want to be entertained by two awesome girls - check out The Big Wedding Planning podcast on Instagram, Facebook, and of course, iTunes.

Now for some engagement photo spam...because, I'm feeling nostalgic from last April 1.